RightSpec® Sizing Guide

RightSpec® Residential Tank-Type Heater Sizing

Residential Tank-Type Heater Sizing

Complete the equipment settings and application sizing fields to have RightSpec® calculate the estimated hot water loads. When ready click the "Continue" button to view the recommended heaters for your project.

System Settings

To override a default parameter, select from the drop down list

Fuel Type
Ventilation Type
Ultra Low NOx Installation

Optional Settings

No. of Water Heaters
Does this installation require a CTA-2045 communication port?
Job Name

Tank-Type Heater Sizing

Enter the requirements below

Number of Bathrooms
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Dishwashers
Number of Washing Machines
Soaking Tub Capacity (Gal)

Load Summary


Peak Demand (USGPH)